【Eyes in the air】跨國重曝攝影展
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沒有精準的曝光及不可預料性的影像,【Eyes in the air】紀錄著創作者與家人朋友們分隔台灣與英國兩地的日常生活。Eyes in the air的“Eyes”為攝像者之眼所呈現出不同的視野與角度。同時 “eye”的發音也與“愛”相同,代表著乘載家人朋友們滿滿的愛而產生的影像。透過【Eyes in the air】重曝計畫,不僅分享彼此的生活使雙方產生連結,更進而透過影像對話使原本平淡無奇的風景碰撞出令人意想不到的火花。除此之外,台灣與英國兩地文化隨著影像層次交錯,進一步地有形化了這份抽象的情感而產生實質的生活分享與聯繫。

【Eyes in the air】是一個跨國重曝計畫;
【Eyes in the air】是一本影像交換日記;
【Eyes in the air】我們共同堆疊出生活的證據

Embracing imperfection and chance, Eyes in the air is a double exposure project to engrave every little thing happened in daily lives respectively in Taiwan and UK. As the first time to study abroad, my intention is to bring lives of my family, friends and I together to represent that although we are not at the same environment, we can still share our life experiences with each other by registering on the same film. Therefore, I sent films and disposable cameras to my family and friends. After they finished taking pictures whatever they want as the first exposure, I received films and cameras from them to do the second exposure in UK.

The title “Eyes” means perspective and vision of my family, friends, and mine. In addition, the pronunciation of eye [ai] means love in Chinese which represents love from them. What we have done is not only to share daily life with each other, but also to make a connection, communication and inspiration. It is a multi-layered cultural exchange. It contains unique meaning for the purpose of sharing with someone I love through registering evidences on something tangible that can hold in hand.

●原創者Vincci Huang:http://vinccihuang.com/

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展期 : 2013/01/03(四)-2013/02/07(四) 11:00-19:00
店休 : 2012/12/30-2013/01/02
地點 : 織織人67號藝文空間 (高雄市前金區前金二街67號)

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